About the project

Presented by: Samuel K. Dadzie, Florence Fouque, Rebecca Levine, Mawlouth Diallo
Moderated by: Samuel K. Dadzie, Mamadou Coulibaly, Audrey Lenhart

Objective 1: Participants will learn how current activities related to Aedes surveillance and control are addressing the emerging threat of Aedes-borne arboviruses in Africa.
What are the persistent gaps and how can these better be addressed?
What lessons can be learned from elsewhere in the world?

Objective 2: Participants will hear about the recent establishment of a multi-national network of entomologists that is aiming to increase Aedes surveillance and control capacity in West Africa.
What are some of the benefits of a regional network? What are some of the challenges?
Are there examples of similar network models from elsewhere in the world?

Objective 3: Participants will learn how entomology activities and expertise in the malaria sphere are being leveraged to better understand Aedes biology and ecology.
Are there other examples of how entomological capacities for malaria (or other vector-borne diseases) can be used to leverage entomological activities for Aedes?