Strengthening Links

To strengthen existing linkages in Aedes surveillance both inside and outside countries

Bridging Gaps

To bridge the gap between existing surveillance systems in the sub-region

Capacity Building

To help build capacity of member countries in surveillance activities and out break preparedness.


To advocate for funding in Aedes surveillance activities in member countries



West African Aedes Surveillance Network

WAASuN is a non-profit organization that aims to in concertwith inter-country and international partners, strengthen the capacity of West African countries to carry out surveillance and control arboviral diseases and promote regional stability and prosperity

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Member Countries

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International partners

Our Objectives

The setting up of the network was built on the general aim of facilitating collaboration between countries on various aspects of Aedes surveillance and control.

Strengthen existing Aedes surveillance activities between countries

Bridge the gap in surveillance in the African Sub-region

Capacity building of member countries in Aedes surveillance and preparedness for disease outbreaks

Advocating for funding in support of surveillance activities


In the early 20th century, Africa was the cradle of modern Aedes surveillance and control methodologies, but current entomological capacity is primarily focused on malaria vectors. Aedes-borne arboviral diseases are being reported with increasing frequency across Africa. Most countries in Africa lack routine Aedes surveillance programs, trained personnel, and control activities that are focused on Aedes and the viruses they transmit

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